Love & Marriage In The Time of Covid

Photos Taken by : Tracey Buyce

On April 25th, along side my kiddos and a handful of our closest friends, my partner -now husband 🙂 – Leo and I were married on a warm, sunny spring day in our backyard. Barefoot and donning handmade masks i sewed for the occasion, we exchanged our vows in a jubilant ceremony, officiated by our dear friend and performer Ragliacci. Our families and friends around the world witnessed our commitment to one another via YouTube Live and Zoom – their love, energy and support surrounding us closely though they were miles and miles away.

Photos Taken by : Tracey Buyce

Getting married in the midst of a pandemic was a weird, yet wonderful thing. Not having our family be there to celebrate in person with us was indeed sad, and gave us pause as to whether to hold to having our ceremony now – but Leo and I share the same kind of ‘weird’, and getting married in the midst of all the chaos seemed rather apropos for us.

It allowed us to have an intimate, DIY ceremony making way for a more relaxed party with everyone, goodness willing – next summer.  But also, it gave us the unique opportunity to share some love, light and good humor  – a break from all the stress, anxiety and all the unknowns that our time here is currently presenting us with.

Love, though an ever evolving thing, is solid when you share it with someone and mutually nurture it together, something that unfurls as it grows and radiates with beauty. That is what we wanted to share with the one’s we loved in the middle of a pandemic. That no matter the chaos, love – when taken care of and shared – will ultimately triumph, and lend hope when things feel hopeless.

I married my best friend, and the love of my life. Our meeting was serendipitous, our courting was magical, and I look forward to the other adventures we embark on and the chapters of our story we have left to write. Love conquers all …

PS – And a huge thank you to my long time friend and confidant Tracey Buyce for the beautiful images and safely capturing them for us.


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