Additional Resources

Click on the links/titles below to visit further research and resources pertaining to our project! Thank you for taking the time to be curious, interested and respectful towards learning more about our land, cultures, art and activism!

Books of Interest

Research Projects and Papers of Interest

Ladies in Red – mining and use of red pigment by Himba women in Northwestern Namibia

Soil Arctic Research Team 

Emigdiano Blues: The California Indigenous Pigment Palette and an In Situ Analysis of an Exotic Colour


Color Projects of Interest


Botanical Projects of Interest

Of Sedge and Salt – Ethnobotanical Research and Plant Based Medicine blog, home of the Ground Shots Podcast by Kelly Moody


Environment and Ecological Projects of Interest


Indigenous Projects of Interest



Articles of Interest

Ochre – The Oldest Known Natural Pigment in the World Natural Earth Pigments and the Ancient Artist

Wilgie Mia, the oldest continuous mining operation in the world


Videos of Interest




Environmental + Social Justice Action/Activists Groups + Resources

NATIVE LAND (MAP) – Learn about the people of the  land you occupy.


Indigenous/Aboriginal Resources (from direct sources)

DOWNLOAD : Indigenous Peoples: A Guide To Terminology Usage Tips and Definitions PDF provided by Indigenous Corporate Training, Inc.


Indigenous/Aboriginal Resources (from in-direct sources)

10 Ways To Be A Genuine Ally To Indigenous Communities

DOWNLOAD : Honor Native Land : A Guide And Call To Acknowledgement provided by US Department of Arts & Culture


Podcasts of Interest

Ground Shots

Emergence Magazine

Other People Doing Amazing Things

Kalliopeia Foundation – Reconnecting Ecology, Culture and Spirituality

Emergence Magazine – Amazing, insightful and beautiful publication by the Kalliopeia Foundation