Welcome to the art gallery – pieces here have all been created using natural pigments – both geological and biological by artist Sarah Bachinger and contributing artists, scientists, environmentalists and citizen collaborators.

Works featured here are one of a kind – this limitation is a direct, passive action in response to modern Western culture’s nature of consumerism – where the demands are depleting natural resources, wounding to our ecosystems and perpetuating industrial colonization. By keeping the products and processes of foraging for natural, earthen materials limited for the creation of artwork – we are challenging the current systems of supply and demand, and fostering a connection and respect for works as unique as the lands, stories and peoples it was inspired by.

Original works, pigment samples and handmade paints by Sarah Bachinger and contributing artists can be found in the SHOP.  Collaborating artists featured in the shop receive 100% of the proceeds of their sale, and are shipped directly from the artist. Emphasis is placed on featuring artworks from indigenous and marginalized peoples.

Original artworks are accompanied by information regarding the pigments used in the piece including pigment sources, locations and the stories of the land and people of those places.